Saturday, July 21, 2018

In the present Enterprise One software, there is no provision for creating and tracking multiple copies of an object. With only the last backed up copy on hand, it can prove to be a disaster if someone has to restore an earlier working copy of an object.

eKin Systems, Inc. has come up with a solution in the form of BackTuIt. This standalone windows application allows for both an automatic and manual archiving of Enterprise One objects. It comes with its own Revisioning Database, to track all the past revisions of any object or project. With a very user-friendly interface, BackTuIt outperforms its competition in delivered value. It allows Enterprise One Clients and Developers to create multiple revisions of their objects. These objects may include any interactive or batch application, table, view, version, UDC code, etc.

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Its XML output provides a powerful, configurable and expandable format. The application allows for export/import of objects from other installations, allowing for offsite development.

A powerful feature in the latest release is the ability to define and perform data backups. For example, information about a particular item number exists in several tables. Through BackTuIt, it is possible to define all those relationships and backup all that info as one single object. Same thing can be done for Sales Order, Address Number, etc. This powerful feature makes BackTuIt an ideal tool for integrated testing. Test scripts can be executed against same data sets over and over again.

BackTuIt Features

  • Automatically backs up objects and projects during check in process
  • Objects are backed up in an XML-based readable format
  • Copies of the same object can be compared for differences using any windiff like tool
  • User-friendly screen to see all revisions of objects/projects with date and time stamp
  • User can restore any of the previous copies of an object or project
  • User-friendly application to back up or restore objects/projects on-demand
  • Single Server Installation of BackTuIt is required without needing additional installations to every Enterprise One client machine
  • Functionality to export and/or import objects specs from other installations, allowing for code sharing and offsite development
  • Comparison tool to compare the XML extracts in an easy to read format
  • User-defined and configured Data backups
  • ER-Editor to edit event rules directly in the XML extracts

To discover how eKin Systems, Inc. can deliver more for your company, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions, discuss your requirements, or help you better understand our offerings.

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