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J.D Edwards One World Software has a very comprehensive, flexible, and powerful mechanism to set up and use item prices. Some of the features include:

  • Item prices can be set up in any currency or unit of measure.
  • Prices can be defined for a combination of items instead of specific item numbers.
  • Prices can be defined for customer numbers and customer groups instead of using global prices for items. This allows for negotiated prices and agreements.
  • Base prices are date sensitive. Users can have multiple prices for the same items for different date ranges.

A complicated but powerful database supports the above functionality. Naturally, the initial load/conversion of the base prices into the system and their routine maintenance becomes more difficult. Here are some of the challenges faced by J.D Edwards One World users:

  • To set up a single price, user has to go through multiple screens.
  • User has to go back and forth between different screens to set up prices for multiple items.
  • Existing prices have to be expired before adding new prices.

eKin Systems, Inc. recognizes these challenges. With the years of experience, eKin Systems, Inc. has come up with a sophisticated solution to all of the above problems along with some additional functionality. Here are the various features of our solution:

  • All the flexibility and power of J.D Edwards One World base price module is preserved.
  • User maintains all the different types of base prices through one screen.
  • User can query and change base price data through one screen.
  • User can change the existing prices or add new prices. The program will take care of expiration of the necessary records.
  • Base price changes can be scheduled to run at pre-defined times, e.g. end of period.
  • All the above great features are provided as custom add on program built in J.D Edwards One World toolset, and none of the standard J.D Edwards One World objects are changed. Therefore, customers do not need to be worried about upgrade/retrofit costs.

eKin Base Price Solution is all pre-packaged and ready to be installed as a regular code change in J.D Edwards One World. Clients do not need to use special third party software to deploy this application. It makes this solution 100% compatible with J.D Edwards One World.

For further information, please contact: eKin Systems, Inc. at

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