Saturday, July 21, 2018
  • The Logistix Integrator™ serves as a single point of integration between ERP components and all external systems including automation.
  • Support for both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (batch) communications.
  • Supports ASCII flat file transfers, TCP/IP sockets, XML, MQ Series, table to table, HTTP protocols. In addition to this custom protocols may be added
  • Ability to call Peoplesoft Enterprise One Business Functions and UBEs
  • Single inbound transactions can be mapped to multiple systems in the enterprise
  • Single outbound transactions can be mapped to multiple external systems.
  • Extensive data mapping, augmentation, manipulation and validation tools along with error checking and troubleshooting.
  • Standard set of interface files available as well as Certified Application Interface adapters to Oracle, PeopleSoft Enterprise, PeopleSoft Enterprise, PeopleSoft World, and SAP.
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Find out how some of our customers use DLx Integrator for their integration needs.

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DLx® Integrator – A robust EAI Tool Print  

Enterprise Event Broker:

  • Send data to Integrator, e.g. ftp files, xml over http, etc.
  • Integrator pulls data, e.g. Peoplesoft Enterprise One Z Files
  • Call Integrator API.
Universal Data Extractor:
  • Advanced SQL may be applied to any input data, e.g. flat files, XML, tables
  • Pull Data from the database (local or remote)
  • Pull Data using custom components developed in C, COM, or Java
Robust Data Mapper:
  • Many subscribers may be added
  • Complex blocking conditions may be specified
  • Advanced SQL may be applied
  • XSLT supported
Flexible Communication Architecture:
  • Supports FTP, Files, HTTP, Tables, Sockets, MQ Series
  • Supports SAP IDOC, Peoplesoft Enterprise One
  • Customers have created custom interfaces for legacy system
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