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Pricing in J.D. Edwards One World software is a very comprehensive, flexible, and powerful module. It gives users leverage in setting up prices, negotiating discounts, and volume deals.

eKin Systems, Inc. has worked with several clients in setting up their complex pricing structure in PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne. From using complex customer groups to using external function calls, we have been able to utilize the Advanced Pricing functionality to its fullest. We also kept the set up simple to readily give the customers a picture that they can understand.

In an effort to maximize the return on investment for our clients in One World software, eKin Systems, Inc. has developed programs that compliment the standard JDE functionality. Our development efforts answer the most commonly asked for features by the clients. By combining the extra custom programs with what JD Edwards One World has to offer, our clients are successful in reaping the benefits of the ERP system.

One such utility is the Price Catalog. As the complex nature of pricing database make it impossible to write simple queries to extract customer price lists, this utility uses the standard JD Edwards One World functionality to create price lists for selected customers and items. These prices show the base price as well as discounts.

In a global economy, where electronic communication is growing every day, and large customers rely on electronically exchanging price lists and orders, there is greater need for such programs like price catalog. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Price catalog is a custom program built with JD Edwards One World toolset. It does not affect any standard JD Edwards One World objects, hence costs no extra effort during software upgrade.
  • It can feed any EDI system enabling customers and vendors to get up-to-date prices electronically.
  • It can support any online storefront, enabling web customers to use real time prices including discounts.
  • This price catalog can be generated for any date, currency, quantity, and unit of measure.
  • Price Catalog generation can be done through scheduler to efficiently manage processing times.
  • eKin Systems, Inc. has already packaged the Price Catalog program in a form that is no different than any other JD Edwards One World code change. Hence, there is no need to install any third party packages to deploy the solution.

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