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 eKin Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of Salesforce, cloud computing and on-demand technology consulting, development and professional services. We can help you maximize your ROI from Salesforce both by improving your Salesforce implementation and by integrating Salesforce into your overall business processes.

Our team of expert consultants and developers harnesses the power of the Web by leveraging the latest in cloud computing and on-demand technologies. With a firm focus on technology innovation and best practices, eKin Systems, Inc. consistently delivers high-quality products and services you can trust at a price that you can afford.

Give us a call today to discuss how eKin Systems, Inc. can provide all of your Salesforce implementation, customization, administration, and development needs. You can trust eKin Systems, Inc. to provide all your Salesforce services because our team of experts leverages the latest in on-demand and cloud computing technologies to ensure your organization maximizes its investment in

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 AAA Program
Advise.  Administer.   Assist. eKin created the AAA Program to help organizations fully leverage Salesforce and overcome the challenges experienced by some customers.  eKin will provide your organization with the business and technical expertise required to successfully utilize for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. 

A successful implementation of requires disciplined coordination of all activities from defining business requirements to final release and everything in between.  eKin provides an end to end solution encompassing all aspects of a successful implementation including enrollment in the AAA Program following release. 

Business Analysis is a powerful and flexible tool that can be configured to address the requirements of any organization.  eKin can ensure that your investment in is meeting your needs by performing a thorough analysis of your business and its use of 

Each business has unique needs and tailoring to address the specific operational and security requirements of your organization is essential to recognizing a return on your investment.  
eKin has extensive experience configuring and optimizing for organizations of all sizes.

Customization is more than a sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management (CRM) platform. is built on, a powerful application development platform that allows developers to build everything from custom objects to fully functional enterprise applications.  eKin has extensive experience using the platform and can customize your implementation to address your unique business needs.

System Integration
Integrating with existing enterprise applications can be challenging.  The only method of integration requires utilization of the web services which are not supported by many legacy applications.  eKin has extensive experience using the latest technologies to expose legacy applications through web services and is a leader in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).     

Business Intelligence / Customer Analytics provides flexible reporting tools to allow users to easily create simple, online reports.  Complex analytical reports are more difficult to create and may require access to data in ways does not natively support.  eKin can develop and implement sophisticated analytical reports and dashboards to deliver the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for your organization to the people who need it.

Proper training is essential to user adoption and user adoption is essential for a successful implementation.  eKin is a leader in Distance Learning Management and Instructional Design and can develop and deliver the custom training your organization needs.

Data Integration, Migration and Management
eKin can help implement controls to reduce outdated, duplicated, or improperly stored information and improve data quality.  eKin can also develop systems and processes to move data back and forth between and other systems or help transfer legacy data into  

Campaign Management and Marketing
eKin has an award winning creative services team that can help your organization develop and run a full marketing program.  eKin can help with activities as simple as email blasts and direct mail to multi-national media campaigns.

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